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Minding My BLACK Business

Sep 9, 2020

Black Entrepreneurs are doing their work in therapy. For those not in therapy, they are picking up self-help resources, listening to podcasts, improving their emotional wellness. We are here for all of it! Take a listen as Kristin shares the best ways to approach this work.


Kristin Winchester is a licensed therapist, speaker, founder of Her Therapy Space, a mental health private practice in Washington, DC and the HTS Community. She partners with ambitious WOC professionals to break the negative thought patterns keeping them from success so they can live out their purpose with excitement and confidence. She believes that we have the power to choose and create the life we desire and it all starts with our thinking. With over 8 years’ experience in the mental health field, Kristin has helped 100s of people shift their ways of thinking in order to live a life they once didn’t think was a possibility. 

Special Guest:

Kristin Winchester, LPC




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