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Minding My BLACK Business

Oct 25, 2017

9. Trademarking our BLACK Businesses featuring Kandace Walter Have you ever wondered about how to protect your brand and business? What’s the difference between a patent, trademark, or copyright? Which is right for my business? Kandace answers all these questions and more. She is brilliant and makes the process user-...

Oct 18, 2017

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle. Dennis teaches us how this comes to life for him. Get your notebooks out, he is dropping gems!

Dennis Guerrero is a Licensed Cosmetologist and owner of Texture Defined. His artistry, however, is exhibited in various forms of creative expression. He is an entrepreneur at heart and seeks...

Oct 4, 2017

7. Delegation is Self-Preservation

Sometimes the hardest part of being an entrepreneur is letting go. Letting go of responsibilities, letting go of guilt, letting go of control. Our businesses are both professional and personal which makes it feel even more complicated to relinquish some control and get the help of...