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Minding My BLACK Business

Sep 23, 2020

Do y’all remember traveling? I do. As we look ahead to the holidays and beyond let’s talk about some of our worries and fears that we need to manage. Orion shares her wisdom and we learn some helpful tips as we prepare for our next trip.

Orion Brown is Founder & CEO of BlackTravelBox®, a premium clean beauty brand...

Sep 9, 2020

Black Entrepreneurs are doing their work in therapy. For those not in therapy, they are picking up self-help resources, listening to podcasts, improving their emotional wellness. We are here for all of it! Take a listen as Kristin shares the best ways to approach this work.


Kristin Winchester is a licensed therapist,...

Sep 2, 2020

3 years. Seems like yesterday when we released our first episodes. In our time we’ve been able to do what we planned in connecting with Black Entrepreneurs and educate and support other’s emotional wellness. Celebrate with us by taking a listen.

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