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Minding My BLACK Business

Sep 27, 2017

Sometimes you need a friend to make sense of things. Wanda shares how to advocate for yourself and create boundaries when recovering from racial trauma.

Wanda Swan is one-part charm and two-parts Black Girl Magic. When not leaning on a nearby wall telling stories about her childhood in rural Mississippi, free-style...

Sep 20, 2017

Charlottesville. I’m tired of being tired, and business must go on. I’m learning how to process yet another race-related trauma. Black Entrepreneurs, y’all alright?

Music: Blasian Beats

Where to find us:

Facebook: Minding My Black Business

IG: @drjanaetaylor

Twitter: @mindingmyblackbiz


Sep 13, 2017

Andrew shares how his identity as a Black Entrepreneur has informed his decisions around his business. He highlights how branding and male privilege impacts his Black business. Andrew provides great information on best practices for Black Entrepreneurs.

Special Guest: Z. Andrew Jatau Z. Andrew Jatau is a...