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Minding My BLACK Business

Sep 26, 2018

In our business building journeys, we will all experience moments of failure and disappointment. How do you bounce back from that? What strategies are helpful? Take a listen as Chantay helps us recover.

Special Guest: Chantay Golson, MS, LPC, CAMS



Sep 19, 2018

Y’all there was a whole hurricane headed this way. On this episode we talk about storm preparedness and how that impacts business maintenance. Specifically, we learn how to manage our negative thoughts as we celebrate and acknowledge our accomplishments. Where to find us


Sep 5, 2018

Are you living life? In this episode we explore what it means to confidently Mind your Black Business. Dr. Brown shares how this is exercised in her connections with others, business building, and self-reflections. We also learn about her experiences when she wears her MMBB merchandise. Take a listen as we learn about...