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Minding My BLACK Business

Mar 27, 2019

Digital businesses allow us access to customers all over the world. This creates such wonderful opportunities for us to expand our brands and businesses. What is the cost to the Entrepreneur for this growth? Carlton shares what he has learned in his journey.

Carlton Reed is the CEO of RX Health Academy, an online...

Mar 20, 2019

Representation matters. As Black Entrepreneurs we may find that our audience may be comprised of people that look just like us. What ways are you catering and considering your audience? Lisa gives us solid advice on how to prepare for and maintain our ideal audiences.

In the recession of 2009, Lisa Phillips lost her job...

Mar 13, 2019

Business building is full of surprises. Don’t be surprised when you encounter your ideas, services, and good may be plagiarized. Do you know how to handle this? Let’s talk about some strategies.

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