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Minding My BLACK Business

Dec 6, 2017

Episode 15. I choose me featuring Erin Edwards

Dating intentionally and building a brand have similarities. Both require you to be clear about your goals and create solid boundaries. Erin shares her journey in how we can all grow in our relationships and as entrepreneurs.

After obtaining two bachelor’s degrees in psychology/addiction studies, Erin Alexander Edwards decided that her skills of advocacy, relationship building and analytical thinking could also be used in the world of radio and launched her podcast - The Business of Soul Searching. BOSS podcast explores the stories of accomplished risk takers who have achieved success in spite of the odds. Erin has been a cohost for Fashion Week Rhode Island 2017 as well as cohost for the renowned Brown Skin Women Natural Hair Expo in 2017. She is looking to branch into advocacy and modeling campaigns for small businesses.

Special Guest: Erin Edwards



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